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Illustrated by Pradeep MyIllustration.com
Published by VirtualBookWorm Publishing
ISBN 1-58939-864-5
         Book Cover


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Buy this book
Ways to Say the Words You've Heard is available in softcover from Virtualbookworm.com, Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com. The book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and the United Kingdom.

Excerpt from the book
How do you say bug?
Insect, spider, cootie, ant, butterfly and bee,
Mosquito, beetle, inchworm, slug, dragonfly, and flea

Book description
What do you call your friends? Are they your pals, your chums, your buddies, or your mates? How do you say you’re tired? Are you pooped, bushed, beat, or sleepy? There are many ways to say the same thing. This story follows a young child through his daily routine. It uses simple verses and rhyming lists to introduce synonyms, silly slang, a little foreign language, and other words having nearly the same meaning as another.

Comments from Writer's Digest Contest Judge: The book introduces the concept of synonyms, thus making it an excellent classroom resource. Synonyms are difficult for children to grasp and another resource would be welcomed.

This Way and That Way
a review by Rita Lorraine Hubbard, The Original H.I.R. (Historical Investigative Reporter) www.yabookscentral.com

When you read a Jennifer L. Rogala book, you’re guaranteed two things:  Number one, you’ll learn something; and number two, you’ll laugh out loud in the process.
Ways to Say The Words You’ve Heard, by Jennifer L. Rogala, is chocked full of everyday words and the different ways we say them.

Ways to Say The Words You’ve Heard can easily pull double-duty and serve as a dictionary or a leisurely read.  Rogala makes clever use of rhymns, slang and synonyms, and combines them with the eye-catching illustrations of Pradeep from Myillustration.com to produce a fun, well-rounded book for children.

Very nice additions to your child’s personal library.

How the book was born 
A friend once told me a story of two men at a summer barbecue. Both were sitting in chairs, one behind the other. The man sitting in the back chair put his legs up on the back of the other man's chair. The man in the front chair said, "Hey, get your dogs off of my squash." In other words, "Hey, get your feet off of my head." This story struck me as so funny.
Years later I was playing with one of my daughters and she slipped and almost hit her head. I said to her "Honey, watch out for your noodle." She was fine and did not get hurt, but there it was again, another food that also meant "head". That night I started writing Ways to Say the Words You've Heard.