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Illustrated by Jacob Nicholas
Published by VirtualBookWorm Publishing
ISBN 1-58939-866-1
         Book Cover


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Buy this book
When My Nose Runs Where Does It Go? is available in softcover from Virtualbookworm.com, Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com. The book can also be ordered from most bookstores around the United States and the United Kingdom.

Excerpt from the book
Can a lock of my hair bolt a door?
Can the legs of a table run?
When my foot falls asleep does it dream, drool, and snore?
Can my funny bone really have fun?

Book description
Can a fence really run around a house? Can the face of a clock blush? Can you eat with a fork in the road? The same word can be used to describe different things. This book uses silly questions to show how one word can be used in different ways. Most of the questions refer to parts of the human body or to actions that the human body can perform.

About the illustrator
Jacob Nicholas has been adding new illustration styles to his portfolio with amazing regularity and now offers over 30 different styles, picked up over his 15 long years of illustrating. Jacob’s illustrations have memorable and lovable characters, true backgrounds, interesting props and details, and a touch of humor that children love.

Comments from Writer's Digest Contest Judge:
  This would be a wonderful choice for the school curriculum, for it shows children the power and fun of words. The reader can see many classroom activities springing from a classroom reading. This book would also be an excellent choice for a struggling reader or ESL student. English is difficult to grasp, especially with expressions like those in this book. Explaining some of them with this book would be a help to both teacher and student. The artwork enhances the excitement of the book. The cartoon-like images demonstrate the meanings well!

Jo An Martin - The Baytown Sun: As children develop a sense of humor, they enjoy participating in word play. The activity becomes a challenge and a higher level of abstract cognitive ability. But mostly this picture book is plain fun....puts children and adults in a silly mood.

Reviewed by Rita Lorraine Hubbard, The Original H.I.R. (Historical Investigative Reporter) www.yabookscentral.com

Words to Tickle Your Funny Bone
Do you want to laugh out loud and learn something in the process?  Just read, When My Nose Runs Where does it Go? by Jennifer L. Rogala, and you’ll encounter some of the funniest play-on-words scenarios you’ve ever read, like…
       How can my skin crawl when it has no hands or knees?

       Can the foot of a bed wear a shoe?

       Does the crown of my head have diamonds and jewels?

Packed with information, sprinkled with humor, and chocked full of illustrator Jacob Nicholas’s hilarious drawings, When My Nose Runs Where does it Go? is an over-all fun read for children in elementary and middle grades.  It also proves handy for children whose first language is not English. Another great addition to your school or personal library.

How the book was born: I loved my 5th grade teacher Ms. Peracchi. She was tall with curly brown hair and a jolly face. She always made learning fun. I remember her showing us how to make our own butter and grow our own garden. She remembered everyone's birthday and always made the birthday girl or boy feel special. During the 5th grade my family went to Disney World. Ms. Peracchi gave me one homework assignment. I had to keep a journal of my vacation and write in my journal every night. I still have that journal and it is a wonderful memory of a great family vacation. One of my favorite lessons from Ms. Peracchi's 5th grade class was when we learned about figures of speech. We were each shown a picture and had to determine what the picture was depicting. My picture showed a man looking at another man and there were pointy objects shooting from the man's eyes. I had no idea what it meant. Ms. Peracchi finally told me it meant, "To look daggers at". I had never heard of that saying and did not know what it meant. She explained that it means to look angrily at someone and then she pretended to look angrily at me. I remember that lesson being particularly fun. She was a great teacher, definitely one of my favorites.