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I've visited several schools, libraries, and bookstores in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. My visits include story time and fun activities that teach. Children receive bookmarks, stickers, and coloring pages based on my books. My presentations are customized for the different age groups.

SCHOOLS: All sessions are FREE if book order forms are sent home with students 4 weeks prior to my visit. Books are sold at a discount to students. I will personally autograph all purchased books for each student. I also donate a copy of each of my books to your school's library.

LIBRARIES: All sessions are FREE and I will donate a copy of each of my books to your library.

BOOKSTORES: All sessions are FREE and you'll receive a 30% discount on book orders.

Presentation for My Cat at Home in the Wild focuses on science and nature and begins with comparing pets to animals in the wild. Children will learn interesting facts about the big cats living in the wild, such as the lion, cheetah, jaguar, leopard, puma, serval, and caracal.

Presentation for When My Nose Runs Where Does It Go?  focuses on figurative language and on idioms and other peculiar expressions in the English language. Children will discuss commonly used idioms and learn about their origin.

Presentation for Way to Say the Words You've Heard focuses on synonyms and antonyms. Children will discuss words having the same meaning and also words meaning the exact opposite. They'll also play charades to show how to express some meanings without using words.